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Winter Is Not a Bad Time to Start Your Fence Project

Posted by: admin on October 25, 2018 19:00:06 PM Thursday


A question we are asked every year is: “Do you still work in the winter?” The answer is a definite YES! Our sales, service and installation teams are all working during the winter months. While the weather is always a concern in beautiful NE Ohio, it is definitely no reason to put off a project until spring. While a job may need a delay of a few days due to a dangerously cold snap or a fresh pile of snow, jobs are typically completed in shorter timeframes than during our “busy” months of Spring, Summer and Fall. Reasons for this include our suppliers not being back logged, our more open calendars and our installation teams waiting for new projects. Winter is an especially good time to schedule smaller, repair type projects that are difficult to fit into our prime time schedules.

If you are considering an Aluminum, Iron or PVC fence project, then winter is the perfect time to get started planning. Our sales team is fully equipped to measure and brave the cold long enough to get pricing and custom materials ordered and on the way, saving extended waiting times that always happen in early spring when everyone digs out and starts thinking about outdoor projects. Even our local officials in building departments are less busy and projects that require permits and/or variance meetings can be moved along much faster this time of year.

Finally, we can move the snow out of the way during installation! Some yards that are new or always seem to be soggy until August may be better to work on while the top layer of soil is frozen.  Concrete takes a little while longer to harden in a lower temperature but unlike concrete poured above ground, our post holes contain warmth from depth and have several days to finish setting. So, if you have plans for a fence this year we are happy to work with you no matter the season!


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